MeetOur Team


Luc Normandin

Owner, Seller

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Mathieu Normandin

Owner, Buyer

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David Normandin

Owner, Sale Director

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Audrey Mailloux, Ing.

Owner, Administrative Manager

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Nathalie Théberge


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Alain Maheu


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You are looking for hay for sell? You are at the right place!

The culture of hay since 3 generations

Founded in 1958 by Roger Normandin, Ferme Rouville Inc. is a family company that works exclusively in the production of commercial hay. For 3 generations, the company made its mark and is shown as one of the most important in its domain in Quebec. It also stands out by doing lots of sales in other province in Canada, in the United-States and some overseas.

It’s in 1983 that Luc, the son of Mr. Normandin, became the company’s owner.

Luc, father of 4 boys, quickly initiates his sons at a young age to work on the farm to ensure the business continuity. Since 2013, Mathieu and David, the two oldest Luc' sons are also shareholders of the company with their father. Luc's wife is in turn as a secretary and bookkeeper for the farm. Audrey Mailloux is the administrative manager and Alain Maheu is the devoted employee.

New entity

Each year our sales rise due to increased demand. We strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers. To do this and to meet their expectations, we created in 2013 the entity Norfoin Inc. 

Norfoin Inc. is a company closely linked to Ferme Rouville Inc., who ensures the production of hay sold as well as its quality. Norfoin Inc. is responsible for the purchases and the sales of the hay.

Several reliable farmers produce for us

The vast amount of hay we sell annually is from our production but also from reliable producers throughout Quebec and in Ontario whom we have absolute confidence.

These farmers produce hay for us that we buy and receive the day that it is harvest, so that it can be dried as needed. These reliable producers allow us to adequately address all of are needs in quality hay. Once again the diversification of the sources of our crops (across Canada, from Alberta to New-Brunswick) ensures a certain amount of crops, and that, despite the different climatic conditions that may affect some areas.

The quality hay produced for us by these producers meet the criteria’s of Norfoin Inc. We only accept to sell dark green hay, no brown coloring and dust free.

First Quality Hay