Premium Quality Hay

Characterized by its green color and good odor, the hay that we produce may be composed of a single plant or of a mixture of several crops. We have several types of hay, all are high quality and dust free. We have hay with a basis of grass, of pure alfalfa and hay composed of a mixture of all the plants (grass and alfalfa). The plants we grow and the hay we buy may contain the following plants and can be grown together or separately:
  • millet
  • alfalfa
  • orchard grass
  • fescue
To take advantage of the excellent nutritional value of alfalfa we mix it with other crops such as millet or orchard grass. The amalgamation of these plants provides a premium nutritious feed for horses. By cons, some owners of high performance horses or that are in intensive training, are looking for a pure alfalfa hay while other buyers are looking for a millet hay for horses. To meet all the specific needs of each client, we produce several types of quality and dust free hay, in order to always satisfy buyers.

Visual analysis

While many people pays a limited attention to the quality of the hay they buy or produce, we are proud to guarantee that all the hay we sell meets strict quality standards. At first glance, a simple visual analysis of our hay is convincing: its smell, its green color, its texture and the non-presence of dust, are highly sought after aspects that we honor with pride.