Hay for sale with overseas shipping!

In 2015, Norfoin Inc. bought a Hunterwood compactor. The start up of the compactor was in October 2015. Norfoin Inc. bought this compactor with the objective of exporting hay overseas and all around the world. The double compressed bales load a container fully for overseas transport. 

Gouvernment approval

Norfoin Inc. is approuved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency who gives phytosanitary certificate for the exportation of hay to any country. 

Double compressed bales for Internationnal shipping

The double compressed bales The Hunterwood is making have 16 inches wide, 18 inches high and 22 inches long. They can weight between 70 and 100 pounds for these dimensions. There is also the possibility to cut them in 2 parts to get bales of 16 inches wide, 9 inches high and 22 inches long and less heavy. These small bales are easier to carry.  The bales can be on pallet or not, depending on the request of the customer. 

The double compressed bales are usually used for overseas shipping but Norfoin Inc. also produce them for the local market. When the customers have not or very little storage space, these compacted bales are interesting. This transformation for the hay do not affect the quality of the hay. 

Exportation of hay by boat

Norfoin Inc. is close to Montreal. In fact, Norfoin Inc. is at 50 kilometers from the Montreal Port. So the containers are loaded at Norfoin Inc compaction facility, than bring to Montreal Port by truck and than loaded on the boat for the final trip to the final destination.