Hay Dryer

Design and manufacture of hay dryers

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by blithely our contribution to the design and manufacture of our hay dryers. We thought, designed and manufactured our hay dryers A to Z, in order to provide a superior quality hay than those offered on the market. All the hay we produce or buy go through the hay dryers, so that the moisture never exceeds 10-12%. We guarantee a high quality, dust free hay.

Over the years, the design of new equipment remains at the center of our priorities and our storage areas are growing to suffice for our ever-growing needs. Our equipment and our storage allows us to easily expand our hay production while maintaining its exceptional quality.

At the cutting edge of technology

During harvest, farmers are often dependent on a climate that is sometimes unfavorable to them. The main goal of our company being to offer many kinds of high quality hay, we decided to ensure our independence with the vagaries of the weather.

We designed and fabricated hay dryers to enable us to carry out mechanical drying. After haying, we can reduce the moisture content to the percentage required for the conservation of its sweet smell, its beautiful green color and good texture and flavor. The hay dryers allow us to maintain a humidity level of 10-12% and therefore prevent the formation of dust inside it.