The hay storage, an essential step

Preservation of hay

All our crops of hay and those of other producers are properly stored in our warehouses designed for a maximum conservation of hay. Thus, the stored hay is protected from rain, snow and sunlight. Several criteria related to buildings used for hay storage are considered. At Norfoin Inc. we strive to answer in all respect to those high standards storage.

We guarantee the preservation of our hay from harvest to customer delivery. Hay sold respects at all times the main aspects of quality storage. Its smell, its green color, its texture as well as the absence of dust in its composition are the main forces of the hay that we sell.

Hay available in several sizes

To provide impeccable service to our customers, we take care to identify with them their specific needs in relation to the size of hay bales they wish to buy.

We offer a variety of hay bales size to meet the needs of the greatest number of buyers.
All are types of hay are available in various sizes:
  • Small bales of 35-45 pounds
  • Big square bales of 800 pounds (32" X 34" X 8')
  • Compacted bales of 70 to 100 pounds (16''X 18''X 22'')
  • possibility of wrapped bales
Chemical analysis and quality control of hay

Chemical analysis of the hay aims to determine the composition of the hay and to ensure its quality. We have almost all our hay lots analyse and we can provide them to our customers.